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Home Improvement 101: Adding Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters At Home

Instantaneous water heaters are becoming popular as people realize the advantages. But, before you install this heating system, you must ensure that you choose the right one. The modern and compact instant electric water heater has several significant advantages.

Advantages of an instantaneous electric water heater

Limited supply. With an instantaneous electric water heater, you will never run out of hot water.

Energy saving. An electric boiler with a water storage tank loses heat all the time, whereas the instantaneous heater doesn’t store any water.

  • Space savin It doesn’t store any water, small compared to the traditional water heater. In smaller houses and flats, it can be a real advantage without a boiler cupboard, small enough to fit underneath the bath or sink.
  • Reduced plumbing installation prices. In a situation such as a new utility room, running a hot water supply from the central boiler to a new sink is not needed if you boil water locally with an instantaneous heater.
  • Energy and time-saving. Instantaneous heaters are situated close to the outlets they are serving and there is no long wait for hot water running off several meters of the pipework full of warm water. The length of the pipe between the central boiler and the tap has to be emptied every time the tap is used. The typical run of 10 meters of 15mm pipework consists of over 3 liters of water, which goes down the drain and should be replaced every time. So, there is no water and heating power is water. However, some limitations of instantaneous heaters mean they are not suitable for particular instances.
  • Special wiring requirements. All but the smallest instantaneous water heaters don’t run on a standard household in main. It needs a special cable run from the fusebox. It is not often the problem, but if this is not feasible, you will not install an instantaneous heater.
  • Distance. Indeed, distance is a killer for instant heating. The heater works best when as close as possible to the outlet it is serving and if you need to place it more than 2 meters away, then the performance starts to suffer. If it doesn’t suit your situation, you can use more than one instant heater, each serving an outlet close by.

Expectations are high for instantaneous water heating, but it is essential to understand that every instant water heating system differs in its brand but almost all of them work the same.

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