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Pros and cons of beam bridges: Know these before buying

Beam bridges are one of the oldest yet most preferred types of bridges. These consist of t shaped like beams that are supported by concrete roof and base at each end. Although a t beam bridge is one of the most commonly constructed bridges, these have their own advantages and disadvantages too. Our article mainly focuses on the beam bridge uses and the pros and cons that come along for an architect during and after construction.

After reading the article, if you still have concerns or doubts, check with the manufacturer before buying t beams. It would be wise to have clarity of mind before finalizing the order.

Merits and demerits of constructing beam bridges:

A few advantages of using t beam bridges include:

  1. These are simple to construct. Their simple design does not create complications at the time of constructing these. Thus, these take less time to construct than other types of bridges.
  2. Another advantage of using t beam in bridges is the cost. These are cost-effective compared to other materials.
  3. T beams are easy to maintain and these can be easily repaired as well. Thus, one doesn’t have to worry about the wear and tear any sooner.
  4. The design and sturdy base of t beam can hold traffic, railings, sidewalks, and weather conditions.
  5. Beam bridges are known to have less effect on the environment. It is because of their simple design and resistant material, the architect doesn’t have to cause any harm to the environment or nature during the bridge construction.

A few disadvantages of using t beam bridges include:

  1. One concern that arises in t beam bridges is the accessibility to large boats, cruise, and ships. These cannot pass underneath as the bridge blocks it.
  2. Beam bridges are preferred for short or medium life span. These are not recommended for long term durability.
  3. Regular inspection and maintenance can increase the expenses. Moreover, the repair work can add to costs.
  4. T beams are limited in design. Thus, you can expect the same typical traditional design of bridges with beams.
  5. Beam bridges come with structural limitations. These are not recommended for higher for heavy loads and traffics.

Find out more about t beam availability for your project from your nearest dealer. Negotiate with them on your requirements and the cost before finalizing the order.

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