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What You Can Do At Home To Treat Swollen Eyes

Injury, allergies, disease, and even tears can all cause swollen eyes. Knowing the source of your puffy eyes is vital because treatment may differ for each patient.

You should see an ophthalmologist if your puffy eyes aren’t too bad. However, if they’re not too bad, you can use cool compresses and tea bags, among other home remedies.

Before you contact a doctor, try these at-home cures for puffy eyes to see if they help.

Use A Cold Compress

Try using a cool compress if you’re experiencing redness, swelling, or irritation in your eyes or skin. Twenty to thirty minutes at a time, cover your eyes with a moist, chilly washcloth to alleviate it. An ice pack will also do the trick, but you should put a towel or other cloth between your eyes and the pack so the cold won’t burn.

Swollen eyes (ตา 2 ชั้น หอย แครง, which is the term in Thai) may also find relief with cold spoons. After two spoons have cooled in the freezer, place them over your eyes like an ice pack or a cold washcloth. To encourage blood flow and channel any excess fluid away from the eyes, gently press down with the spoons, but don’t press too hard.

Some have turned to cold cucumber slices or even chilled teething rings to alleviate puffy eyes.

Make Use Of Tea Bags

The caffeine and tannins in tea bags can help soothe irritated eyes. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an anti-inflammatory chemical, is present in several forms of tea, including green tea, which aids in the cause.

To make the correct preparation, steep the tea in the bags and then chill them in the fridge for about 20 minutes before rubbing them on your eyes. Then, keep the ice packs over your eyes for half an hour.

Put Eye Drops To Use

Natural tears, or lubricated eye drops, may alleviate pain and redness associated with puffy eyes. A wide selection of over-the-counter eye solutions is available; however, if your condition is already red or whitening, you should refrain from using these.

An eye doctor may recommend specialized eye drops for extreme redness and edema. Whatever you do, don’t forget to follow the recommendations so you don’t waste product.


If you get regular puffy eyes, staying away from things that cause them is essential. If you suffer from allergies, you may prevent your eyes from swelling in the first place by taking your medication as prescribed and staying away from anything that irritates them, like pollen, dust, pet hair, and pool chlorine. If you want to keep your eyes from getting red and inflamed from sports-related injuries, you should use protective eyewear like goggles or sports glasses. A yearly eye exam and evaluation from an eye doctor are important for your eye health.

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