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Wood Stain: Types & Safety Tips

The colors that are exclusively designed to apply to wood so that it elevates the level of the look of the wood are termed wood stain (ทาสีย้อมไม้, which is the term in Thai). There are two types of wood stains: one is opaque, and the other one is transparent. Opaque are solid and sit right on top of the wood, whereas transparent ones enable the original color to be visible. These stains can alter the overall look of the furniture pieces and make them look attractive.

Various Types Of Wood Stain

When it comes to wood Stain, various types are discussed below:

Oil-Based Stains

The most common approachable wood Stain is oil-based stains. Here, linseed is used as a binder, and it is not toxic. Furthermore, it takes time to dry, which means that you will have plenty of time left with you to remove all kinds of linseed oil residue before the drying process of oil-based stains.

When it comes to the operation process of oil-based stains, they deeply penetrate the wood to shield them.

Gel-Based Stains

One of the recent inventions in the world of wood stains is gel-based stains. As compared to standard oil wood stains, these come with a thicker consistency. These stains come with limited penetration levels. The one thing that makes it better is that it won’t cause any blotches on pine wood.


It’s a transparent film instead of a stain that leaves a clear finish. It’s easy to apply as it can be dried quickly without brushing off any residue. Furthermore, it’s readily available. The one thing that makes it different from oil-based stains is that these stains are dry, leaving behind a glassy wood finish.

Tips And Safety

The following are the top tips and safety precautions that you should take:

  1. While you are applying any finish, wear rubber gloves
  2. Wear clothes that you can risk staining. Simultaneously, it would help if you also covered your legs and arms
  3. When applying the wood Stain, ensure that the space is ventilated.
  4. Make sure that the necessary application tools are nearby, such as water, spirits, and such.


When it comes to wood surfaces, applying wood stains is a great option. This is because it provides both protection and can also be used as decoration. Make sure you are using the correct type of wood Stain for your wood. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about wood Stains.

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