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Where and for what Artificial Intelligence is used?

The fields of application of artificial intelligence are limited only by imagination. We focused on the real and collected examples of how and for what AI is used in various fields and how it transforms them.

AI as a set of  technological tools

AI-based tools are capable of analyzing large volumes of data and identifying dependencies. This makes it possible to develop recommendation systems that take into account the individual preferences and playing styles of users, which is especially relevant. As personalizing the customer experience becomes increasingly difficult for the entertainment industry, most companies are using artificial intelligence to create more personalized services for billions of users.

As you know, sharing content online is a common activity for millions of users around the world. People love to share their daily activities with people. But the issue of privacy is very important for everyone, so we are here with a simple solution for all of you – the Nudify app. That is, possibly, the easiest app to use, with a minimum of buttons and links.

The application that undresses girls in photographs

The nudifier is a program that undresses (draws) girls in photographs. To activate the magic, you need to feed a photo of your classmate, colleague, ex, or favorite celebrity to the application, and after a few seconds, minutes, or hours (depending on the power of the computer), you will receive a nude version of Jessica Alba nude, or any other celebrity. The platform helps automate the rather routine process of removing unnecessary objects from a photo.

This is a convenient program that can help you process photos in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its simple interface and the ability to download to any Android or Apple device, this program allows you to quickly and efficiently process and remove clothes from photos online.

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