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Griddle Station with Quality and Performance that You Can Trust, Available at BBQs 2u

Summer has finally arrived after months spent inside. Many other types of grills are available, including the well-liked conventional gas and charcoal models. 

An additional outdoor cooking appliance offered by BBQs 2u has emerged with its countless culinary applications and user-friendliness.

Blackstone Griddles present a premium collection of griddles and accessories born from the vision of crafting outstanding outdoor cooking experiences for families and large groups. 

The goal was simple: enable cooking everything together on one perfect griddle, fostering memorable outdoor culinary moments.

Explore the diverse Blackstone Griddle range, featuring portable tabletop models with hoods, larger versions with independent burners, and the innovative air fryer option! 

The robust Blackstone 1899 Griddle Station stands out as a reliable and thoughtful griddling machine, ideal for feeding large gatherings with its expansive griddle surface, setting it apart from the competition.

Is this a portable griddle?

No. It is a robust solution—the entire build weighs a whopping 128 pounds—but it regularly utilizes every ounce to great effect.


The Blackstone 1899 Griddle Station offers a generous 769 square inches of 7-gauge, cold-rolled steel on a spacious 35 3/4 x 21 1/2-inch flat top. Ideal for pancakes or a lineup of ribeye’s, the griddling surface is versatile. 

Four tube-style burners, each delivering 15,000 BTUs, create distinct heat zones for dual or quad-zone cooking. 

When activated together, they unleash a formidable 60,000 BTUs, providing a powerful and efficient flat-top cooking experience.


The Blackstone 1899 Griddle Station excels in user-friendly features, storage, and efficient grease management. Ignition is a breeze with electronic, push-button ease for the four 15,000 BTU tube-style burners. 

A bracket ensured propane tank security, and a removable steel hard top cover is a protective windbreak and added workspace. The griddle, weighing 128 pounds, is easily handled with four sturdy wheels. 

Fold-down side shelves provide extra prep space and storage with tool studs, a magnetic knife strip, a swing-arm paper towel holder, and a full-width storage shelf. 

An updated design flaw relocates the grease management port to the back, enhancing ease of use, and the removable griddle surface simplifies cleanup.


The Blackstone 1899 Griddle Station excels in heat retention, ensuring optimal performance for various foods, from delicate items to hearty burgers. 

In the preheat test, all burners set to high reached an average temperature of 445°F within 15 minutes, ideal for quick searing. 

During the low-temperature evenness test, running all burners on low for 30 minutes resulted in an average temperature of 336°F, with a minor deviation of 76°F in the back-right corner. 

The high-temperature test, running all burners on high for 30 minutes, achieved an average temperature of 466°F, with the back-right corner showing a 95°F difference.

It would help if you bought from BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u is one of the small independent family companies in the UK and has been selling Pizza ovens and BBQs since 2010. Buying an item like a Blackstone griddle is really an investment.

After all, this item will offer you a lifetime of fun and also great food! Buy with peace of mind as you are in safe hands if you buy from BBQs 2u.

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